The best fake message generator (snapchat, facebook, twitter, instagram...)

How to Use Fake Generator ?

Create false chats that look identical to the actual one using generator tool. All you need to do is follow the below steps

  • The best fake message generator (snapchat, facebook, twitter, instagram...). At first, visit the webpage.
  • Then proceed to the Social Media section over there and select the Fake generator.
  • Here you will find a fake template that is customizable. Modify it the way you want to.
  • On the left-hand side, various options are available to customize and generate a fake chat.
  • Begin with modifying person 1 details. First, insert a profile picture to give it a realistic look.
  • Give a username to the one you will chat with and also mention the chat day.
  • Create a message to be sent and customize the header clock time and battery percentage based on your satisfaction.
  • Now, in the same way, modify the changes for person 2.
  • Our Fake Generator template is available for both iPhone as well as android layout.
  • You can simultaneously preview your chat while modifying it to avoid the occurrence of errors.
  • Once done, don't hesitate to donate to help us create other generators.

Our fake template is for fun and entertainment purposes only. Do not misuse it, as our team would not be responsible for it in any way.
Prank your friends and relatives using our Fake Chat Generator tool and have fun.

We respect your privacy. Fake Chat Generator does not store any chats of its users. Once the user exits the browser all their generated data gets deleted from our database.