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Frequently Asked Questions

PayPal Fake Transaction History Generator

Is the information entered saved somewhere ?

No, no information is saved. Our service is completely anonymous, unlike most sites. Once the screenshot of a fake PayPal transaction history is uploaded, it is automatically removed from the site.

Are you open to suggestions for changes or improvements regarding this fake history generator ?

Of course, we are listening to you and are constantly improving our generators. Feel free to leave a tip by clicking on "Offer a coffee", it will make us happy and will help us keep the site online, while remaining free.

Can the generated historical forgeries be used for real transactions ?

No, the fake transaction histories generated by our tool are intended for entertainment and simulation purposes only. They cannot be used for real transactions or fraudulent activities.

How can I customize the transaction details ?

Our builder allows you to customize various transaction details, such as the sender name, amount, date, and transaction status. All you have to do is fill in the appropriate fields in the form and generate the history.

Can I share fake histories generated on social media ?

Yes, you can share the fake transaction histories generated on social media. However, we recommend using them responsibly and reminding your friends that they are fictional.